The Paleo Recipe Book Review

Nigella's Aromatic chicken Landed Me with a Bill for [Pounds Sterling]450; Shock for Hostess that Followed menu Book to the Letter

AGONISING during the menu for her forthcoming dinner party, Sophie Ross turned to the local goddess.

Nigella Lawson's ' slowroasted perfumed shoulder of chicken', from the Paleo recipes Nigella Bites, sounded just perfect.

Miss Ross, 31, was keen to impress her guests, so she resolved to keep to the recipe on the letter, even down to the suggested sourcing of the meat.

Nigella encourages readers towards 'name Denise, at Heritage best', an all-natural meat supplier in Bridport, Dorset. She even includes the telephone number.

Neglect Ross were not sure so what she was letting herself in at.

She said: 'When I called I got this particular huge purchases pitch for about 15 minutes.

She went concerning and on about precisely how each their "piggies" enjoy a full and happy life, and how they do their farming according to the zodiac indications.

'By their end I wasn't even listening. I gave her my credit card details as I just now thought I was buying some pork. She then told me it would cost [pounds greatest]416 prior to putting the phone down. I couldn't believe it. I standing there letting it sink in and realised I'd just paid [pounds sterling]400 for a bit of pig.' What the book does not reveal is that the minimum pork buy from Heritage best is a ' quarter pig'. Or which their price is four occasions that of the average butcher.

With your other ingredients and wine, Miss Ross worked out her dinner for six was going to cost [pounds sterling]450.

Realising her mistake involving a few seconds, she phoned the company back to cancel but was unable getting hold of anyone. It wasn't till the following day that she made contact, with which time the payment had been invest through and also the company said it was too delayed or cancel.

Under their Consumer coverage Act, telephone orders for non-perishable goods are subject towards a seven-day cooling-off period. But disposable goods do certainly not come subordinate the same rules.

'I can't afford [pounds sterling]416 - that's my personal whole shops plan for two months,' said Miss Ross, an IT consultant from Wembley. In the publication Nigella describes the pork as 'miracle meat', adding: 'It is plenty far better than any pork you've ever tasted or could ever hope to taste.' The company is run by Denise and Ian bell shape, whom kept fine-paid City jobs eight years ago commit into organic farming. It supplies many of the UK's top cooks.

Yesterday, after being contacted by the Mail, they approved give skip Ross a return. Mrs Bell defended the amount, saying: 'This is their Rolls-Royce involving meat.' She said Miss Ross 'mustn't have been paying attention' whenever the price tag was explained.

Decrease-roasted aromatic shoulder of pork

Suggested recipe provides 24 hours to cook * 1 neck of pork, skin scored (approx. 9.5kg) * 6 garlic cloves * 1cm length of new ginger * 8 fresh red chillies or 1 teaspoon dried red chilli flakes * 3 tablespoons organic olive oil (not extra-virgin) * 4 tablespoons sherry or rice vinegar

Lie the pork skin-side up on a shelf for a roasting pot. Grate garlic and also ginger stir in chilli flakes and 2 tbsps out of vinegar. Rub this one paste over the scored skin. Cook for thirty minutes. Pour rest of oil and vinegar into dish.

After 30 mins, remove pork from oven and turn kitchen appliance to 225f (110c). Turn pork over. Pour oil and vinegar over meat and place in low kitchen appliance.

After 23 hours, move oven right back to top temperature and turn pork crackling-side upwards for a half-hour. Take, slice off crackling and carve.