Food Style: Food for the Fast way; Cook like a Star with a New Recipe Book That Sneaks a Peek Inside Celebrity kitchen areas. Jackie Brown Gets Her Pinny On

Gwyneth Paltrow's life may seem a whirl of film premieres and glamorous activities but apparently the Movie Star actress does occasionally apply on an apron plus prepare a meal.

When it comes to preparing, her favourite dish is marinated grilled swordfish because it are 'tasty and light'. Now she has generously planned to share the dish together with other chic chicks.

The sensation of Shakespeare In Love plus Sliding entrance doors is one of one host of famous people to provide a recipe to a book named Cool Food For Hot Chicks which looks firmly aimed at 20 and thirtysomething singletons.

They have started authored by Louise Holland and Roberta Moore, who produced the book Larder Lads a few years ago which helped bachelor young men find their way round each home and included recipes from male celebs including pop star Jay Kay and racing motorist Eddie Irvine.

Now it is that the girls' turn to get a help and support. There are certainly 100 recipes inside total to cover all eventualities from quick suppers after the busy day and at work, to brunch strategies, hosting (or rather, hostess-ing) a dinner party or a seductive meal for two.

But there isn't any doubt that first pages to seek out are the fifteen or so recipes from your stars - if only to get an plan of what they enjoy diet. At the same time as Paltrow, the spread includes Kate Winslet's salmon teriyaki style, Denise Van Outen's sausages in cider with lemon thyme, Ulrika Jonsson's marinated roast lamb and Charlie Dimmock's shrimps within sour cream.

Roberta Moore, the daughter of soccer genius the late Sir Bobby Moore, says: 'We picked celebrities that anyone thought might be quite foodie and wrote and asked them to send something regarding they enjoyed cooking.

'we think there is a really nice variety concerning food and a cross-section of recipes. They are all recipes they have cooked for themselves. Charlie Dimmock said she cooks her recipe when she has family and friends round and Gwyneth Paltrow wrote that she liked hers when she is eating outside.'

It looks not just a movie star cookbook however, most regarding the recipes in the publication have been created by Louise Holland, whose career as a chef includes taken this girl from the Dorchester additionally Mosimann's restaurant as well as being food producer of television's Late Lunch.

Moore, 36, that is married and two children, says she and Holland canvassed singleton girlfriends to find out things consumers planned in the paleo recipe book.

'Lots of all said they wanted picky points and food that was brief to make when that they came in from function.

'They also wanted food that these could ready the night before and take to work so we have included some recipes that were suitable. And that they wanted comfort food for the moment they were feeling lower and there was also a many interest to drinks.'

Almost all of the recipes, she says, is pretty easy to follow even for women who is not that useful across the kitchen. There is another good reason attain that apron on - it really is one easy means of maintaining Gwyneth.